Patients and Survivors

The Yorkshire Register is a collection of information on children and young people who are diagnosed with cancer. It allows us to know how many children and young people are being diagnosed with cancer in this area. This infor­mation is shared with the National Health Service (NHS) National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service.

We have prepared age appropriate information for patients and survivors of cancer and their families. We also maintain a list of useful resources and links.

For Patients and Survivors Under 16

For Patients and Survivors 16 to 39

For Parents and Guardians

For more detail on what data is collected and how it is used, please see the Privacy Notice and Fair Processing Statement.

A patient, or their parent or guardian, has the the right to opt-out of their inclusion in the Register. Doing so will in no way affect the treatment a patient receives. See the Opt-Out Policy for more information on the process.

You can also download our Information Poster or visit the Documentation section for all available downloads related to the YSRCCYP.