Aims and Objectives

The primary objectives of this research programme are to:

  • Perform world-leading epidemiological research examining the patterns and causes of cancer in children and young people.
  • Undertake applied health services research generating novel insights into cancer outcomes.

The work is underpinned by the Yorkshire Specialist Register of Cancer in Children and Young People (YSRCCYP), a unique population-based information resource for local clinicians and commissioners, linked to multiple NHS and other routine datasets. The YSRCCYP is an established resource for clinicians and commissioners and forms the basis for national and international collaborative research through provision of a comprehensive data source, infrastructure and expertise to support world class epidemiological and outcomes research.

The core aims of the YSRCCYP and associated research programme are to:

  • Maintain the accurate and complete collection of clinical and socio-demographic data on children, teenagers and young adults with cancer in Yorkshire, specifically information which adds value and is not otherwise available from other routine NHS sources.
  • Investigate the effectiveness of healthcare delivery for children and young people, specifically the impact on survival and long-term health.
  • Undertake epidemiological research, comprising incidence and survival analyses.
  • Respond to any public health requests to investigate suspected associations between specific environmental risk factors and childhood/young adult cancer.
  • Define and quantify cancer outcomes and health risks for survivors of cancer in young people